rivals, rivalling, rivalled
(in AM, use rivaling, rivaled)
1) N-COUNT Your rival is a person, business, or organization who you are competing or fighting against in the same area or for the same things.

The world champion finished more than two seconds ahead of his nearest rival...

He eliminated his rivals in a brutal struggle for power...

The police believe the fight was due to a dispute between rival teenage gangs.

2) N-COUNT: with brd-neg If you say that someone or something has no rivals or is without rival, you mean that it is best of its type.

The area is famous for its wonderfully fragrant wine which has no rivals in the Rhone...

He is a pastry chef without rival.

3) VERB If you say that one thing rivals another, you mean that they are both of the same standard or quality.

[V n] Cassette recorders cannot rival the sound quality of CDs...

[V n] An epidemic to rival that which killed 26,000 in 1989 may hit the UK.

English dictionary. 2008.


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